Please pray for all the innocent people there. Even little kids between the age of 2-10 years have been injured.

in case u didnt notice but what the county police did to the people of ferguson, the federal government are doing to the people in pakistan like right now at this minute and its mostly women and children and you are all asleep


Anna Kendrick Plays Ariel in Little Mermaid Parody on SNL [Video]




If this is true, fuck Taylor Swift and everything she does.

For those who says Taylor isn’t racist. BLOOP!

for anyone who actually took 2 seconds to google and go to the source of the article, you’d realize its complete bullshit. none of the links work so there is actually no “proof” of her saying that, they just put a link there to make it look legit. and radio interviews are easy to get audios of, so if she did say it a real audio would exist. also the website the article is on is shady as fuck. not to mention all the grammar/spelling errors, no “reputable” (if there is such a thing) gossip site would allow THAT many.

please actually take a second of your time to look in to articles like this before spreading false information


I can’t stand these fucking people with these fucking family window stickers on their cars a murderer is gonna come into your fucking house and you’re gonna try to hide your kids in the fucking closet and he’s gonna be like naw bitch I saw your fucking mini van I know you have six more kids where are they


This is the greatest tweet in the history of tweets





people forget that south africa ended apartheid only two decades ago

People also forget that because of that, there are severe anti-white sentiments in South Africa to the point that a lot of the white people there don’t feel safe in their own country

whose country?



Peter’s first read through.



AvaLynn was attacked by another student on the school playground. We are fighting for answers and for greater supervision at school.

My friend Lacey Harris’s 5 year old daughter was brutalized by another child on the playground at school this week, in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Her face is swollen and bruised beyond recognition, and the only thing the school can tell her is that they “are investigating”

This sweet little 5 year old girl is terrified to return to school. She is in pain and she has been MAIMED. This needs IMMEDIATE media attention. The school and local news are ignoring the mother’s and loved ones’ cries for help. This family needs justice for what has been done to their poor little angel, and not just to be swept under the rug, as the school district is attempting to do. PLEASE shine some light on this situation and force school administration and news media to get some answers!

The mother has started a GoFundMe page to request help for paying medical bills and legal fees, as it looks as though she’s going to have to pursue this route in order to get any justice at all for her little girl. Please, please, share this link on your page. Even if people are unable to donate, please just help us get the word out on what is going on with this poor family.

This is really heartbroken for me and extremely hard to look at.

This is the link to Ava’s donation page.
Please donate and share and PRAY!
God bless you all!